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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sunday we went fishing. All day. One of those days that even though I applied sunblock four times I was still the color of a tomato when we got home. K3 was begging to take off his shoes and put his bare feet into the reservoir. The dirty, yucky reservoir with fish poop and other bacteria and grossness. I finally let him when I was accused of being an over-protective mom but it was against my better judgment (stupid DH!). That night he showed me a cut on his foot and I freaked-threw him in the bath tub and put lots of stuff on it to make sure nothing happened.

Fast forward to today- I woke up to my toe hurting. I had cut my toenails after we had gotten back from the lake and since I hadn't walked around without shoes I didn't think much of it. But-*TMI coming* my toe is infected. A nice red color with puss. And it hurts and throbs and is yucky. Unfortunately I don't have a hot toe doctor so I am going to self-medicate at least until I get a smurf toe. Or maybe an Elphaba toe. Haven't decided yet. But I am going to redo my pedicure tonight and make sure that my legs are shaved in case I have to have an emergency toe doctor appointment. Thanks to Cheri @ Blog This Mom for all the visuals I now have in my head and the knowledge of what needs to be done before I head to the doctor.


MJ said...

Oh dear, that doesn't sound good. If it didn't improve overnight, I hope you got yourself to a doctor ASAP. I hope your toe is on the mend!