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Monday, May 11, 2009

I have to admit Mother's Day is not on my top ten favorite Holidays. I am happy that I am a Mother and I am happy that I have a Mother but this Holiday is one where my DH fails miserably. He's not real big on spoiling and pampering me on this day and honestly his philosophy has been that I am not his Mother so why should he buy me anything. Luckily my Mother has filled in and made sure that my kids always get me something good and my kids always do little things. K1 even bragged to my friend how he did "things" read: his chores that he is supposed to do, without complaining.

But this morning I knew my day was over when I walked into a spilled glass of grape Crystal Light that nobody thought to wipe up. Or even mention. Purple Crystal Light all over my white fridge, tan floor and in the cracks of my fridge that I just cleaned last week, first time in a year. The Holiday is over. :)


Christie said...

More years than not I have felt the same way, in fact just last year I spent most of the day crying, not sure what got into them this year but enjoyed the heck out of it anyway!!!!

You are a great person & if they wont treat you, you should definately treat yourself!!!!

MJ said...

If there's any solace, my dh feels/does the same for Mother's Day. He usually buys a card for the girls. He'll ask what I want for Mother's Day and I just tell him that I'm going to my local home store for their upcoming sale event and will purchase it myself. It saves shopping in advance and putting it on hold for him to pick up!

Thank goodness the teachers do something for Mother's Day or it would be pretty lacking here too!

MJ said...

In honour of belated Mother's Day, you are hereby required to go find and lie in some sun beams within the next 12 hours for, at minimum, a few minutes. You are to report back when you have done so (so that I can ensure that you are complying with this requirement!) Enjoy your beams!