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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Random-K2 addition


*I've been looking at taking K2 to Vegas to see the Jonas Bros for her birthday. Backup plan in case we don't win the trip at Saucy's place. But I would much rather win the trip so we could meet Saucy, Loopy and MJ!

*K2 is starting to get her mojo back on the soccer field. Karma being karma-her ex-coach's son was ref-ing today and commented about all the wonderful things that the other coaches were saying about her skillz. I love karma.

*Softball is in full swing. Between that and soccer K2 is feeling the stress. Then she mentions wanting to join orchestra next year. I just laughed.

*3 more weeks of school. I enjoy summer but really hate bored-kid syndrome. This year I am trying to limit it to only ne soccer camp for the girl.

*I'm really enjoying Twitter. Do you think I am the only 30-something following Miley Cyrus? (it really is for K2 but I am drawing the lines on all the rest of the Disney crew). The coolest part? The first person to follow me was Stephenie Meyer. I almost fainted.


hi, it's me! melissa c said...

I can't believe it's almost summer again! I can't decide if I'm happy about that or not. The constant nagging of, "let's do something fun," is not what I look forward to. On the other hand, I hope to do some fun things...with no money! lol

Christie said...

I hope you win, that would make you "the COOLEST mom" if you took her to the jonas Bros.

MJ said...

I'm glad things are going well for K2!

K is going to her first soccer practice/game this evening. N starts on Thurs.. Thank goodness there is no hairspray expectations and my dh can take them!