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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The reason why he is my favorite:

The other day I was rushing around trying to get the house ready for company and K3 approached me for help. He wanted to get down one of our board games and since I know this requires my participation in playing also I told him I needed to get the bathroom cleaned first. He asked if he could do it! So I taught him "how" to clean the bathroom. I then told K1 and K2 that this is why he is my favorite! What 7 year old normally asks to clean a bathroom? Ain't he just the bestest?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day recap

First off-thanks for your ideas on K1. We have actually considered some of them, but I think from what I have heard from others overall it is a fairly typical Freshman experience. We just need to stay on top of him and push, push, push.

This year for Valentines DH & I went to dinner with another couple, one of my best friends and her husband. We went to a little Japanese restaurant, our first experience at one. We chose to bypass the 2 hour wait for the hibachi experience and sat a little table. DH tried Soke for the first time and I tried tempura. It was fairly good, not worth the money really but the company couldn't have been better.

The best part of the evening? The $45 ticket I got on the drive home. Nothing to add to the romantic mood like a fight because we don't see eye to eye on how things transpired. Poor K3 was scared-his only experience with police-besides our little local force-is limited strictly to my accident and Cops-the show. Lots of fun!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Does anybody have any suggestions on how to motivate a 15 year old, who has been testing at College levels since 6th grade, to get grades above C? We are at our wit's end. We have bribed, punished, begged, punished some more and I am just about to sit down and cry. This mom thing is hard.

Only 1 week and 1 more day until Disneyland! I can not wait. I need a vacation. Too bad I have to take DH & the Ks. :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

The life and times of a slacker blogger

Man have I been bad at this blogging stuff! It has to do with sickness, depression and sickness again. That was again one to go down in the books. Is it because I am getting older or are the sicknesses getting worse?

What we've been up to:

As you can tell from this picture there was much rejoicing in our house. K3 loves to talk about "Sixsburgh"!

Getting treats from fellow bloggers-kinda like pen pals with treats, love this:
Notice there are only 4 suckers? I couldn't wait until I got home from work to try mine. MJ was considerate enough, even though she comes from a predominately female household, to consider that boys just might not appreciate pink so she sent them red-foil suckers. Wasn't that thoughtful? She also sent me valentine beads which I used to make watch bands for K2 and I.
And the thing that prompted all this sch-wag? I won a drawing at her blog, she makes lovely vintage magnets (I got one for our Halloween swap) and I now have a Valentine's one to add to my collection.

We have a new soccer team. K2 will be playing down, in her actual age group. We have big hopes that she can re-kindle some of her sparkle if she can go back to being a star on a team. Now we just have to have the snow quit falling so they can practice.

Softball/Baseball season is just around the corner. With that comes my responsibilities as player agent. We have already started having meetings and sign-ups are soon!

Disneyland is just 2 weeks away! I can not wait. I am hoping that some sun, some warmth and some Mickey and Tigger can chase away my winter blues.

Monday, February 2, 2009


I am sick! So is K1, with a stomach thing and K3, with the same cold, fever, body ache thing I got going on. I hate being sick. Time to break out the Lysol and bleach. Blech!