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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Guess who got his driving permit?


Guess who is having panic attacks?


I really thought I was ready for this. I'm not.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunbeam Challenge

Yesterday at MJ's place she participated in a Haiku festival and she choose to Haiku sunbeams. I was immediately taken back to my childhood and my obsession with lying in sunbeams. I commented to MJ that I hadn't done this since I was a child. She challenged me to change that.

So after work I headed first to my mom's house to pick up K3. Since this was the scene of where I most often laid in the sunbeams I searched there. Because of the timing there were none to be found in her house. On to last night-I told K2 & K3 of my challenge. We discovered in our living room a perfect patch of sun and sunbeams so we grabbed pillows off the couch and laid down. We spent that time talking about the upcoming Summer and all we want to do. We even attracted the dogs so our patch was quickly taken up.

I realized how little do I take the time to just relax with my children and talk about nothing and everything. We are too busy doing things and spend so little time laying around. I don't have that much more time with them to do it and I vowed to spend more time laying in the sunbeams-with and without them. I even sat on my porch with Buster and did it this morning. Thanks MJ for reminding me to take the time!

Monday, May 11, 2009

I have to admit Mother's Day is not on my top ten favorite Holidays. I am happy that I am a Mother and I am happy that I have a Mother but this Holiday is one where my DH fails miserably. He's not real big on spoiling and pampering me on this day and honestly his philosophy has been that I am not his Mother so why should he buy me anything. Luckily my Mother has filled in and made sure that my kids always get me something good and my kids always do little things. K1 even bragged to my friend how he did "things" read: his chores that he is supposed to do, without complaining.

But this morning I knew my day was over when I walked into a spilled glass of grape Crystal Light that nobody thought to wipe up. Or even mention. Purple Crystal Light all over my white fridge, tan floor and in the cracks of my fridge that I just cleaned last week, first time in a year. The Holiday is over. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

To the woman who made me who I am and who without I would be lost-thank you!.


To the children who made me a mother-thank you!


To all you other mother's- HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sunday we went fishing. All day. One of those days that even though I applied sunblock four times I was still the color of a tomato when we got home. K3 was begging to take off his shoes and put his bare feet into the reservoir. The dirty, yucky reservoir with fish poop and other bacteria and grossness. I finally let him when I was accused of being an over-protective mom but it was against my better judgment (stupid DH!). That night he showed me a cut on his foot and I freaked-threw him in the bath tub and put lots of stuff on it to make sure nothing happened.

Fast forward to today- I woke up to my toe hurting. I had cut my toenails after we had gotten back from the lake and since I hadn't walked around without shoes I didn't think much of it. But-*TMI coming* my toe is infected. A nice red color with puss. And it hurts and throbs and is yucky. Unfortunately I don't have a hot toe doctor so I am going to self-medicate at least until I get a smurf toe. Or maybe an Elphaba toe. Haven't decided yet. But I am going to redo my pedicure tonight and make sure that my legs are shaved in case I have to have an emergency toe doctor appointment. Thanks to Cheri @ Blog This Mom for all the visuals I now have in my head and the knowledge of what needs to be done before I head to the doctor.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Random-K2 addition


*I've been looking at taking K2 to Vegas to see the Jonas Bros for her birthday. Backup plan in case we don't win the trip at Saucy's place. But I would much rather win the trip so we could meet Saucy, Loopy and MJ!

*K2 is starting to get her mojo back on the soccer field. Karma being karma-her ex-coach's son was ref-ing today and commented about all the wonderful things that the other coaches were saying about her skillz. I love karma.

*Softball is in full swing. Between that and soccer K2 is feeling the stress. Then she mentions wanting to join orchestra next year. I just laughed.

*3 more weeks of school. I enjoy summer but really hate bored-kid syndrome. This year I am trying to limit it to only ne soccer camp for the girl.

*I'm really enjoying Twitter. Do you think I am the only 30-something following Miley Cyrus? (it really is for K2 but I am drawing the lines on all the rest of the Disney crew). The coolest part? The first person to follow me was Stephenie Meyer. I almost fainted.