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Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day recap

First off-thanks for your ideas on K1. We have actually considered some of them, but I think from what I have heard from others overall it is a fairly typical Freshman experience. We just need to stay on top of him and push, push, push.

This year for Valentines DH & I went to dinner with another couple, one of my best friends and her husband. We went to a little Japanese restaurant, our first experience at one. We chose to bypass the 2 hour wait for the hibachi experience and sat a little table. DH tried Soke for the first time and I tried tempura. It was fairly good, not worth the money really but the company couldn't have been better.

The best part of the evening? The $45 ticket I got on the drive home. Nothing to add to the romantic mood like a fight because we don't see eye to eye on how things transpired. Poor K3 was scared-his only experience with police-besides our little local force-is limited strictly to my accident and Cops-the show. Lots of fun!


Keetha said...

Bless your heart. Makes DisneyWorld seem that much sweeter!

Minnesota Matron said...

New reader! The Matron was recently pulled over for a missing headlight and she nearly had a heart attack from stress. . . .

MJ said...

Sorry to read about your ticket! But just think of the memory you've made for little K3!

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

I had to laugh here. It sounds like Friday the 13th didn't want to end for you! lol

Sorry to hear about the ticket. That's a bummer!