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Friday, February 13, 2009


Does anybody have any suggestions on how to motivate a 15 year old, who has been testing at College levels since 6th grade, to get grades above C? We are at our wit's end. We have bribed, punished, begged, punished some more and I am just about to sit down and cry. This mom thing is hard.

Only 1 week and 1 more day until Disneyland! I can not wait. I need a vacation. Too bad I have to take DH & the Ks. :)


Christie said...

You could offer to go sit with him in Class and see what the problem is, lol
My Grandma did that very thing when my brother was about 17!
My mom was a single parent and she worked and was having trouble with my VERY smart brother in school, so Grandma spent a few days at the High school, amazingly the grades, behavior, and attendance turned right around and he graduated with Honors!!!!

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

The only thing I could say would be to get World of Warcraft, let him fall in love, then tell him he can't play unless he gets A's and B's.

I play WoW myself once in a while. My friend got me into it. I seldom play anymore, but only because I'm busy writing.

My son on the other hand, has been given the ultimatum that he can't play unless he has good grades. He even comes home, practices the piano, does his job and even rubs my shoulders so I will let him play.

I'm sure there are mothers out there who would think I'm in league with Satan for letting Jake play WOW, but I'm sure they are women who have never played it themselves! lol Anyway, it's really fun.

The point of this is...Find something he loves, then lord it over his head! It works! lol Good luck!

Saucy said...

It sounds like everyone could use a vacation.

Have you ever thought of just doing some part-time home schooling? We did that with Buddy Budderson in his junior year and it was terrific. Just for the subjects that I was comfortable with and I drove him over for math and science. He still says that was his best year of school and the one he enjoyed best! Plus we got even closer during that time.

Check it out and see if your school will allow it.