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Monday, December 29, 2008

It's over-Christmas Recap Edition 2008

The season, at least at my house, is over. I am in the military momma-put things back-in-order mode. And it is exhausting! Even though I de-junked rooms and closets there is no room for the amount of stuff we got. It was a good Christmas though.

Christmas Eve is always spent at my moms, eating lots of food, reading the birth of Christ and skits put on by the children.
Christmas morning was a chaos of paper, boxes, toys, clothes, video games and junk. The K's made out like bandits, again.
This year we hosted Christmas breakfast, much easier then Christmas dinner so I think I will make it a tradition. Along with breakfast came another round of present opening and family time.


We did one more round at my Grandmas and then we came home to shower and prepare stuffing for dinner. My bro & SIL held Christmas dinner. Man did I eat a lot!

We hit lots of movies over the last week. We saw Bolt, Bedtime Stories and Marley & Me. All great movies but I have more then had my share of popcorn. K3 is over-stimulated. Between the chaos of Christmas, sledding multiple days, late nights, early mornings and no structure he was done. Yesterday we had a down day, slept in, stayed in our PJ's, played with our new toys and ate left-overs. And early bedtime. We needed it.


MJ said...

Just reading of all your activities made me exhausted! I am contemplating taking down the tree within the next few days too. December passed in a blur so it doesn't even feel like it would be time to take it down already but I am ready for 2009!

Lisa M. said...

I am so glad that you had a very good day. I loved the pictures! Thank you for showing them.

How great, the move you made, I love the new look. I hope you will like blogger. I most certainly did.

I hope to see you soon.

MJ said...

Your description of your reaction to the request for turkey leftovers is hilarious!

Keetha said...

A day in pajamas and new toys - sounds fun.

Did you get Photoshop for Chrismtas? I did not but am thinking I may give it to myself for my birthday in a few weeks.

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

I love the new site! Happy New Year!

Saucy said...

Downtime is a MUST post-Christmas for kids. The schedule is completely out the window, no matter how hard we try... the excitement! I know what you mean about being over-stimulated, that happens to Loopy. We've laid pretty low around here this week.

We did love Marley & Me!

Christie said...

What fun you've been having......
i love to have Christmas breakfast, its my favorite meal of the day!!
thanks for sharing