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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What makes me happy-good deals

I've been perusing all sorts of crafty blogs and getting all sorts of ideas. One, Nester, did a how-to post and a tour of mantel decorations. It got me thinking, next Christmas I really want to do a better mantel. First step was to get garland. I've been going to our local craft store to pick up extras for some of my projects and noticed outside their bin of discounted garland. I have really been considering but kept putting off the purchase. I decided last night drifting off to sleep that I'd just bite the bullet and go buy some. The list price was $2.99 down from $7.99 so I grabbed two, imagine my surprise when they rang up 2 for $3.20. 18 feet of garland for $3.20! Throw in some Fall colored berry garland marked down from $15.99 to $4.00 and I was a happy shopper!

I've got 10 months to decide what I want to add to make the garland me, so I plan to keep my eyes open. I would love to be able to be "one of those people" that have a crafty, welcoming home and do it all on a tight budget. But I am reading that it takes lots of trips to the dollar store, thrift stores and craft stores looking for the deals.

What I am on the look-out for now: Some clunky candle holders. Any color will work cause I know how to work the spray paint! I am also needing ideas for my mantel non-holiday. I have a Kincaid print over my mantel so I need something that compliments that. Any ideas?


Lisa M. said...

OH that sounds so darn cute. I'll keep my eyes peeled.

I'll be seeing ya in March!

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

thank you so much, I was wondering the same thing too, I have to call the doctors after 1 and see what they say today was there come in late day, Maddie had reflux when she was a baby too, and the vomiting seems to happen at night or in the morning, I thought prevacid too, my oldest daughter took it before and it helped so much, I will keep everyone posted thank you so much, hugs, Lisa

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

I'm just so glad Christmas is over! I'd rather die then contemplate next year's! lol

Anyway, I admire crafty people. You go girl.

MJ said...

I haven't done any mantel stuff aside from fresh greenery which I do every year. Check out Saucy's blog to see what she's done!

Lisa said...

Hey A.

I left you an award over at my place! Come pick it up!

Hope you had a good weekend!

Mel said...

You are so smart to plan ahead! I'm still waiting for my mantle to be constructed;)