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Monday, January 26, 2009

First, I need to apologize to anybody that came here via the link at Thrifty Decor Chick, I was irresponsible and linked my whole blog and before I had pictures to documents all of my decluttering and organizing. Even though I feel like there is so much to do still- I have accomplished a lot. I have done my room, my bathroom, K2's room, K3's room, my linen closet, my coat closet, the hall and K2 & K3's bathroom. I had already de-junked the kids' room pre-Christmas so theirs were easier then they might have been but I have a garbage bag that goes up to my chest full of things to take to DI and another half way full and there has been many bags taken to the garbage can. IMG_3483 I have spent a small fortune on small clear plastic bins but I feel so accomplished. Next up are my laundry room, kitchen and living room. Then the basement. I would like to get the upstairs finished before we leave to Disneyland (only 4 more weeks).

My SIL and I are starting a new business venture. We have opened an Etsy shop and are thinking of ways to start networking. I am excited, I hope we can make some money out of having fun. We are making watch bands, using a variety of colors, shapes and types of beads. They are turning out so beautiful and I can't wait to share.

For the first time in my adult life I have been decorating for Valentine's Day. I am not going all out like Christmas or Halloween but little touches here and there. I was excited to see some of my favorite decorators using some of the same things I had bought from the Dollar Store. And I even had mine before they showed theirs!

And to add to my Valentine's stash, I won the magnets that MJ was offering at her place. WooHoo! Can't wait to add it with my Halloween one. She is amazing!


MJ said...

Fun to read of all your decluttering efforts! I hope to pop your magnet in the mail tomorrow (as K has been ill with a cold so we haven't been going far!)

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

How fun! First of all, I love to organize my house too. It makes it so much nicer!

I have never decorated for Valentines either. Yours are beautiful! It makes me want to decorate too!

Saucy said...

You've inspired me... time to break out the Valentine decor. You are lucky to have one of MJ's gorgeous creations.